IEmpowerment empowers people in Africa by transferring skills to them that enable them to develop opportunity for themselves.


IEmpowerment does this by providing a model and a process that has proven extremely effective in the globally connected world. The model and process enables students  to unleash their entrepreneurial spirit and initiative to pursue their dreams.  We reward and celebrate  effort and accomplishment, students that successfully    pass our accredited programs are  awarded   burseries  that allow them to invest in  and purchase the  livestock, materials or tools needed to be successful.

Rewarding and celebrating  entrepreneurs and people who want to make a difference is what iEmpowerment and it's global team of learners, mentors and entrepreneurs is all about.  Together we can make a difference  in an accountable, efficient and  exciting way.

iEmpowerment University delivers programs that teach skills    that create opportunity for a better life.  Our online  testing module ensures that the student has learned the  skills needed and when they do, they will receive accreditation in that field.  A mentoring platform is in place to support the   entrepreneurs and  burseries to purchase the  necessary materials   will be delviered  by the  course  leaders.  We believe this accountable inspired entrepreneuraial model  will scale across all of  the developingoerld proving   millions with  access to opportunity and a better life.